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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service for your Santa Barbara Home or Business.

Wood floors are a beautiful addition to any home or business, but after years of use, they can start to look shabby and worn, but unlike flooring materials that need to be replaced to eliminate that wear and tear, wood flooring can be completely refinished to make it look like new! Call Finco Services today for full-service wood flooring refinishing.

With 15 years of experience in the business, we have the knowledge to restore your hardwood floors to their former beauty, and we will take your stained, scratched, lackluster floors and restore their gleam and shine, helping them to look their best once again. Let us help restore the natural beauty of your hardwood floors with our complete wood floor refinishing service.

We consider wood floor refinishing to be an art form, and we customize our refinishing services to suit your particular floor and the problems that you want to address. Using a combination of sanding machines, hand sanding, and buffing, using the highest quality stains and sealants, and with careful attention to detail, we’re able to get your hardwood flooring repaired and looking their best again fast.

Finco starts by assessing the condition of your wood flooring, then identifying any damaged planks that need to be replaced, going over with you the different approaches that can be used and the cost, and finally, we discuss your stain and finish preferences in order to set up a full picture of the method in which we will proceed. With our work description completed, we then begin to work on the floor.

We begin by stripping away the old stains, finishes, and the years of wear and tear on the floor with a combination of machine sanders and hand sanding, leaving your floor smooth and the wood grain will once again become vibrant. Our wood floor refinishers then apply stains and sealants, and then we buff your floors to bright shine, and when we’re finished, your hardwood floor will produce a glow that will make you remember why you enjoyed your flooring so much.

Providing hardwood floor refinishing services which can be customized to your floors, Finco is dedicated to bringing you exquisite hardwood floor refinishing results, as well as, top-quality customer service. We work hard to ensure your floor refinishing services are completed efficiently and effectively, in order to minimize any inconvenience to you and your family.

We contain as much of the sanding dust particles as possible by sealing off  the work area with plastic sheeting in addition to using powerful vacuums to vacuum all the surrounding work areas. As with any quality flooring installers and refinishing companies, Finco cleans up the work site before we consider any job done.

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